Regional Short-sea Services

Folk Maritime strives to elevate the shipping experience from source to destination port, promising reliability and efficiency to beneficial cargo owners and freight forwarders at every stage.
Regional short-sea services

Empowering Trade, Enhancing Connectivity, and Driving Efficiency

Folk Maritime's regional short-sea services will optimize coastal connectivity for efficient cargo movement. Our dynamic and sustainable solutions streamline regional trade, adeptly linking neighboring ports and offering fast and reliable transport that contributes to logistics integration.

Strategically situated along key maritime routes, Saudi Arabia serves as a pivotal hub for regional short-sea services.

Its central location facilitates efficient maritime connectivity between the US East Coast, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Moreover, Saudi Arabia’s commitment to developing state-of-the-art infrastructure, exemplified by ports like King Abdullah, located in King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC), and King Fahd Industrial, located in Jubail Industrial City, compliment its vision to elevate its role as a global logistics hub. Proximity to key markets positions Saudi Arabia at an ideal intersection for streamlined, cost-effective, and economically diversified maritime trade within the Middle East and neighboring regions.


Experience Optimized Regional Trade and Economic Growth through Short-sea Shipping

The emergence of regional short-sea services promises a transformative era for commerce, particularly in the flourishing maritime landscape of Saudi Arabia. Through its modern ports and terminals, it is fostering connectivity, job creation, and investment attraction, marking a progressive chapter in the maritime evolution of the region. Regional short-sea shipping offers a range of advantages, including cost-effectiveness, environmental sustainability, access to coastal areas, flexibility, and cargo capacity, making it a compelling choice for certain transport needs.

Cost-effective and customer-centric solutions
Consistent, reliable, and timely services with guaranteed transit times
Competitive alternative to road transport, reducing traffic congestion
Short-sea shipping boosts regional economic development