Stakeholders Relations

At Folk, we see our stakeholders as partners in progress and value their insights, feedback, and collaboration. We cultivate deep partnerships underpinned by an ethos of transparency and a drive for a shared future of prosperity. Whether an investor, a customer, or a community member, the involvement of our stakeholders shapes our journey and enables our bold vision.

Strategic Objectives for a Promising Future


Transporting 40 million TEU of Goods by 2030Aligning with Saudi Arabia's NIDLP, supporting the logistics sector’s goal to transport 40 million TEU through Saudi ports by 2030.


Regional Market Share Target by 2030Aiming to enhance Saudi Arabia's logistics sector by capturing approximately 15-20% of the demand in the MENA region by 2030.


Operational Target by 2025There will be 14 vessels in operation, providing services through 5 different routes. These services will connect 17 ports across 13 countries.

Why to invest

Invest in Saudi Arabia’s First and Only Feeder Operator for Strategic Returns

Investing in Folk Maritime aligns seamlessly with the Kingdom's vision to be a global logistics hub. This strategic move capitalizes on Folk's advantageous geographical location, establishing connections to the world's busiest and crucial transshipment routes. Such investments promise substantial returns, directly contributing to GDP growth, encouraging non-governmental investments, and generating lucrative non-oil revenue streams.

Strategic Global Connectivity

Positioning yourself to harness the immense growth opportunities emerging from this transformative initiative.

Enhanced Global Supply Chain

First Saudi feeder operator, bridging market gaps by servicing existing and new MENA trade routes.